Christ Church |
Sunday, March 01, 2015
San Antonio, Texas | Patrick Gahan, Rector

How To



We really cannot begin to give directions of “How To” at Christ Church without first explaining our expectations.  All of our worship and programs at Christ Church are offered to honor God, to bring individuals into a relationship with Him, and to graft them into this fellowship; so that together we will grow into mature, generous, and faithful Christian individuals, parents, husbands, wives, business associates, and citizens.


Contact: Anna Jewell at or 210-736-3132.
Baptismal Dates: Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord on the 2nd Sunday of January; Easter Eve; Feast of Pentecost in late May or early June; Trinity Sunday in late May or early June; All Saints’ Sunday on the first Sunday of November & one additional baptismal Sunday in mid to late summer.
Required: Christ Church 2.0 & Baptismal instruction.

Holy Communion

All baptized persons, regardless of age or denominational background, are welcome to receive Communion.


Contact: For Youth Confirmation – Clark Niles at or 210-736-3132; For Adult Confirmation – Anna Jewell at or 210-736-3132.
Confirmation Dates: Two per year – late fall and spring
Required: For Teens – Youth Confirmation Instruction beginning in winter and ending with Spring Confirmation; For Adults – Christ Church 3.0.


Christ Church offers the celebration of the sacrament of marriage to -- couples who reside in the San Antonio area who are active* at Christ Church or who immediately get active in the parish or whose parents or grandparents are presently active in the worship and life of Christ Church.  *Active - one who attends worship regularly and supports the mission of the parish personally and financially.
Contact: Anna Jewell at or 210-736-3132.
Marriage Dates: Will be determined after signing letter of agreement and conference with the Rector.
Required: Christ Church 2.0 & Pre-marital counseling.  Some fees are necessary for musicians and maintenance support.


If you wish to become a member of Christ Church notify Anna Jewell at or 210-736-3132. If you attended a previous congregation, she will ask that your “letter be transferred.”  Regardless of whether you attended another congregation or not, all those joining the parish should complete Christ Church 2.0 & 3.0.  Only adult members who have been Confirmed may vote in parish elections and serve on the Vestry.


Contact: Carol Miller at or 210-736-3132.
Burial Dates: Burials in the Church are to be scheduled on weekdays only.  Graveside services can be offered on the weekends if necessary.
Required: Some fees may be necessary for musicians and maintenance support.  Those to be buried from the Church should be associated with the parish. Clergy are available to lead burial services at graveside and at funeral homes for those without parish affiliation.

Altar Flowers

If you would like to dedicate the altar flowers, please contact Carol Miller at or 736-3132. After Sunday worship, the altar flowers are taken to those who are sick or homebound.