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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Mission Trip to Honduras June 29 - July 5, 2013

Click here to see the photo album from the trip to Honduras



NOVEMBER 11-16, 2013 - Pilot Project in Honduras
From November 11-16, 2013 the Koehlers with Nita Shaver will be in Copan, Honduras presenting a “pilot project” workshop on embroidery to thirty Honduran women.  This project is supported by Christ Church (generous gifts designated for Honduras earlier this year have made this project possible) and Threads of Blessings, a Diocese of West Texas ministry with deep roots in Christ Church.  Threads of Blessing teaches women the skills they need to produce quality embroidered pieces for sale in their own country and in the United States.  Threads of Blessing began in Honduras many years ago, but with changing circumstances the work was suspended.  Threads of Blessing is well established in Uganda, and the Honduran workshop next week is a first effort toward rebuilding the Honduran expression.  Please keep Nita, Terry, and Brien in your prayers in the week ahead.



There is a real need for laptops in Uganda. The orphanages need them for teaching purposes. Alison Barfoot and her organization - Eastern African Mission Force - are starting to set up some of their Muslim converts in small business service companies with typing and computer applications to help people who do not have access to computers in their businesses and lives. Laptops are preferred because they are transportable by our mission teams going to Uganda. If you have a laptop you can spare please drop it by the Church or contact: John Harrison at 822-0575.