Christ Church |
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
San Antonio, Texas | Patrick Gahan, Rector

Prayer Requests

Everyday at Christ Church there are several groups that pray for the spiritual needs of others. They also pray for those in need of strength, those requesting special prayers for friends or family members with various health concerns, as well as those who don’t even know they are being prayed for. What a wonderful ministry to share with those in need!
The intercessory prayer group meets each Monday at 12:00, led by Mary Carter. The Daughters of the King prayer warriors, chaired by Frances Cline, pray daily for people with short-term illnesses, people with long-term illnesses, and a special list of cancer patients. These prayers are raised by 30 or more DOK members every day.
You do not have to be a member to be on any prayer list. You may add a friend that you are concerned about, or someone having a very difficult time in their life. Add them to the list and know that they are in the hands of many prayer warriors talking to God daily about these requests.
Some parishioners are very private about their illnesses and want only prayers; others want to be on our Sunday prayer request, letting the congregation know they would appreciate their prayers. If you would like to be on the Sunday prayer request, please call Carol Miller, 736-3132. If you would like to add a name for the DOK prayer warriors, you may call the Pastoral Care line, 736-3132, ext. 131 and leave your request. You may also submit a prayer request online by clicking here. God answers all of our prayers, every single one.
We also have an Emergency Prayer Chain chaired by Lois Shockley. This is activated by the clergy in a time of special need.
Dear Lord,
You are my strength in times of adversity. When I am troubled, You comfort me. When I am discouraged, You lift me up. Whatever my circumstances, Lord, let me trust Your plan for my life. And, when my family and friends are troubled, let me remind them of Your love, Your wisdom, and Your grace. Amen
"Prayer of a Loyal Friend"