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How We Say Hello

how we say "hello"


Because you made the effort to visit Christ Church, you deserve more than just a handshake and a mechanical greeting.

Unless you were really sneaky on Sunday morning, we welcomed you on the sidewalk as you made your way to worship.  We couldn’t wait to say "hello."

If you filled out a Visitor Card, the preacher called you that very evening to thank you for attending and to invite you to return. By Tuesday morning, you received a letter from the preacher to again express our gratitude for your visit.

But we were just getting started with saying “hello.”

You will be invited to the Rector’s (Senior Pastor) home on the first Sunday of the month to enjoy a delicious lunch and relaxed conversation with Kay, Patrick, and others.  We call that initial welcome gathering Christ Church 1.0.

As you might guess, Christ Church 2.0 is the next stop on the “Hello” circuit.  This is a small group, eight-session course where we look at the most important questions from the Gospel:  Why is Jesus Christ the focus of our faith?  How does the Holy Spirit animate our faith in Christ?  Why do we have a Church?  How do I begin to pray and read the Bible? The class is offered four times per year and is essential preparation for marriages and baptisms at Christ Church.

Christ Church 3.0 is where we say a big “hello” from the Episcopal Church.  Each fall we offer this eight-session class that assesses how we practice our Christian faith in this particular tradition.  The Episcopal Church’s history, worship, teaching, mission, and spirituality are examined during these classes.  Those who complete the class may wish to be Confirmed or Received in the Episcopal Church or perhaps Reaffirm their commitment to faith when the Bishop of West Texas visits.

We’re serious about saying “hello” at Christ Church.  We only ask that you take us up on our welcome.  Call or email Patrick Gahan, and let’s get started 210-736-3132 or