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What We Think Is Important

What We Think Is Important


We think the Good News of Jesus Christ is important

Christians have been entrusted with the most life changing, world rearranging, and family transforming news ever. What could be more important than accepting this Good News and then sharing it? Most Sundays at Christ Church you will hear one of us say, “If you are a visitor, we consider you the most important person in the room.” We mean it. The Lord Jesus Christ brought you to Christ Church to hear his Good News and be embraced by our congregation. So whether you are just stopping by to worship with us on the way to New Mexico or considering this fellowship your new home, sharing our life in Christ with you is what we think is important.

We think Christian Formation is important

Each one of us was born in the image of God, but the years grind away our luster. Christ invites us to submit to him and be refashioned, reformed and restored into God’s dream. To say, “God is never through with us” is true. Christian formation is a lifetime vocation. Christ Church takes this task seriously. To that end, we offer three adult threshold courses – Christ Church 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0, which we expect everyone in the fellowship to undertake. What’s more, our Sunday worship and a range of substantial adult classes and Bible studies challenge our adults throughout their lives. In the Family Ministry Center and Carriage House, we engage our children and teens with the Gospel at every stage of their development while we offer Christian Parenting courses to reinforce those lessons at home. Our life in Christ is not some hobby that we tinker with or just one obligation amongst many. To be formed into the likeness of Christ is the most important human adventure.

We think Christian service is important

Our love of God must be expressed. It is no good merely ruminating on spiritual themes. They say, “Talk is cheap,” and, quite frankly, they are right. Our life in Christ is never an abstract enterprise. The love that Christ has poured into our hearts should flow into our hands and feet. We may become part of the Community of Hope, and minister to those who are sick, bereaved, or isolated. We may listen to a struggling student read at James Madison Elementary, the public school Christ Church has adopted, and touch a child’s life in a measurable way. We may sing in the Adult Choir and give hope to those in our fellowship and to those in places where the songs of hope are rarely heard. We may lend a hand on Saturdays at our Food Pantry and feed the poor in our neighborhood. To share the bread of Christian kindness is vitally important for those we serve, yet it is equally important for us.